We are a gynaecological hospital focused on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)/IVF and Advanced Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgeries. We have in our services experts in the field of reproductive medicine from Nigeria, London and India

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Sexagenarians’ miracle baby gets scholarship to tertiary level

THE one-year-old baby, Best-Miracle Davou, born to Margaret Davou, 64, has received an education insurance policy which would cater for her education from kindergarten to tertiary level. Read...

In Vitro Fertilization

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 Assisted Reproductive technology is any form of medical /surgical assistance rendered to infertile couple to overcome the challenge of infertility. The scope of assistance depends on the cause and extent of the condition.

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Genes are neatly packaged within long spiral structures called chromosomes. Every human cell contains 46 chromosomes, arranged as 23 pairs (called autosomes), with one member of each pair inherited from each parent at the time of conception.

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